On-site or remote assistance

By blending into your team, Key Job’s consultant brings you customized help, that fits to your situation and is based on a dialog between the stakeholders. 

This way, you have an additional resource at your disposal, who is quickly operational, who is going to guide you to the best solution and who is going to make you save time and a lot of energy.

Our consultant’s field of expertise is vast and embraces office applications, web & design, technical programs (Power BI, Power Pivot) as well as a wide range of programing languages (VBA, C#, .Net, Html...).

Therewith, Key Job is able to assist you for the creation of templates, presentations, spreadsheets, all kinds of marketing documents, automations and enterprise specific programs. 

Project Management

Key Job employs project managers, who will be able to use their knowledge and experience to federate and guide your IT project. At the outset, it was through the projects that Key Job developed for its own initiative that the project management activity was born at Key Job. Now our customers benefit from our expertise, our technical knowledge and can trust a long-time partner to carry out their projects.

Any questions remain? Would you like to receive a personalized offer?