You have specific needs?

Every learner, every team, every situation is unique. In addition to our various learning formats (classical, Focus learning, workshop, e-Learning...), we offer tailored coaching and learning to meet the needs of everyone. We help you define the needs and choose the formula best suited to individual or group specific expectations. We adapt to your pedagogical objectives and the rhythm and the availability of each one in the context of personalized courses.

Coaching a new manager to take office, support of a collaborator in difficulty, mediation in the context of interpersonal conflicts at work, balance of skills... are some examples.

In this context, our consultants use a wide range of proven tools and methods: MBTI, Transactional analysis, NLP, Process-Communication, Codevlopment, Collective Intelligence, Lego... Two of our coaches are certified and experienced in the application of the Palo Alto model.

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