We develop applications for our clients using the following languages/platforms: Visual Basic, .Net (VB and C#), Web (IIS, ASP or ASP.Net, PHP), SQL Server, MS-Access and Excel VBA, as well as mobile solutions.

We also develop e-learning content that is specific to you, using the program of your choice, to optimize the integration of the content on your LMS.

We can also provide you with specialists in the deployment of PCs, operating systems or programs.

Our clients for development are part of the private or public sector in Luxembourg. They find with us dedicated developers; professionals whose knowledge is up to date with the latest developments in the sector. Interlocutors who have the capacity to propose innovative solutions to improve and facilitate the work process in your company. 

We use Key Job for the very specific development in Visual Basic of an application to manage our data on food controls. Key Job knows how to provide tailor-made solutions according to our needs.

Patrick HAU Ministère de la Santé
Direction de la santé - Division de la sécurité alimentaire 


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