The "Best Practices" teaching format is interactive and practical, to allow for rapid operationality and increased efficiency in the field.

Our "Best Practices" teaching methods are based on exercises and the practical application of office functions, as well as on exchanges, the sharing of practices and experiences, playful training and role-playing.

  • Exchanges: because the richness of the "Best Practices" training lies largely in the exchanges between participants, our trainers make this their priority.

  • Sharing practices and experiences: sharing knowledge, know-how and practices enhances the value of the individuals and enriches the group. Together, we encourage the emergence of "best practices".

  • Exercises: learning computer functions is encouraged by individual or group training exercises.

Role-playing: nothing replaces practice in situations that are as close to real life as possible! Situational exercises are the basis of our "Best Practices" training courses.