Being able to use the advanced spreadsheet functionalities.


Basic Excel skills.


Functions (refresh)

  • Insert Function using the wizard
  • Insert function manually, semi-automatic formula input

Use range names (refresh)

  • Create and use a range name
  • Edit and delete a range name, define its scope (file, spreadsheet)

Conditional formatting

  • Apply a predefined conditional formatting
  • Customize a conditional formatting

Advanced Functions

  • Use functions: SumIf, CountIf, Vlookup, If, And, Or, Match ….
  • Nested functions

Data Table

  • Create a data table (Insert Table)
  • Create formulas using references of a Data table

Managing Lists

  • Filter data: advanced filters
  • Remove duplicates
  • Use automatic totals (Subtotals)
  • Recommended Pivot Tables
  • Cross data into a table (PivotTable) or a graph (PivotChart)

Check data

  • Auditing tools
  • Achieve a target value (Goal seek)
  • Evaluate a formula

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