Be able to create a presentation.


Good knowledge of the Windows environment.


Introduction to PowerPoint

  • The PowerPoint interface: Quick Access Toolbar, the ribbon and the tabs
  • PowerPoint help
  • The different views
  • The Comments pane

Managing presentations

  • Create a blank presentation
  • Create a presentation based on a template or a theme
  • Create a new presentation based on an existing presentation
  • Open, close and save a presentation
  • New default slide size (16:9 layout)


  • Create a slide
  • Change the slide layout
  • Delete slides
  • Copy/move slides
  • Duplicate slides
  • Insert a slide from another presentation
  • Apply a background


  • Typing text
  • Working in Outline View
  • Check spelling and grammar
  • Translate one or a few words
  • Search for synonyms
  • Find and replace text
  • Format fonts
  • Use the eyedropper for colour matching
  • Apply a WordArt effect on text
  • Copy formatting
  • Clear all formatting
  • Apply and change bullets or numbering
  • Change line and paragraph spacing
  • Change indents
  • Apply a vertical alignment on text
  • Change the text orientation
  • Display a text in columns


  • Draw a shape
  • Live preview and alignment guides for objects
  • Use the Smart Guides to show if objects are spaced evenly
  • Merge common shapes to combine and create new shapes


  • Insert a table
  • Draw a table
  • Selections
  • Change the table structure
  • Modify the table formatting
  • Apply a table style


  • Insert a picture
  • Insert a clipart online ( or Bing Picture Search)
  • Apply quick styles on pictures
  • Change the picture shape (crop to shape)
  • Modify a picture
  • Reset picture
  • Compress pictures


  • Insert a SmartArt
  • Change the SmartArt layout and formatting


  • Insert a chart
  • Change the chart data
  • Change the chart layout
  • Apply a quick style


  • Change page orientation when printing
  • Use print preview
  • Create headers and footers (printing slides)
  • Create headers and footers (printing handouts, notes or outline)
  • Printing options

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